Nataja Zanelle 2.0 : Coming To A Beach Near You 2019

What is up lovelies!

It has been such a long time since I have stretched these writing skills and I am so happy to be back ! In not so good news, I am officially 30lbs heavier ( I know, I know) and looking to seriously turn this thing called my life around! Between having zero social life and currently being full-time self-employed ( that story is coming soon!) I never see the outside of my house. That and some unhealthy eating habits that I need to unlearn QUICK are what have me here rethinking my entire situation. Like y'all, I forreal have an entire double-chin.

** I just realized my last post was a year ago and I was talking about how fat I was. Oh the irony **



All Summer 2018.

So to prove I am not all talk I decided to sign up for the BrittneBabe 21 Day Challenge starting on April 2nd and I even decided to drag my bff (* update: she left me alone to do it, blahh) into it because we kind of been trying to help each other out on this whole fit-ish journey. It's okay to sometimes need help or a jumpstart and I am hoping this will definitely give this to us!

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 8.48.52 PM.png

If you aren't familiar with BrittneBabe , I wasn't until a few days, she's this super fit , melanin goddess of a fit coach. I mean just look at this!


I have never been one who couldn't give credit where it's due and she definitely deserves a round of applause! Her body is immaculate and from what I've seen , she seems super sweet and down to earth. She is definitely going to help kickstart what I hope is Nataja Zanelle 2.0. My problem has always been consistency and this time around I am vowing to tackle this mental hurdle first and then let the physical work begin. 

Blogging has always been an awesome way to chronicle my life journeys , so my hope is that I will test my ability to be consistent by committing to daily vlogs /blogs for the entirety of the challenge which is 4/2-4/22. I'll keep you all posted with my workouts, meal-preps and just overall how the challenge is going. I'm going to be honest, this won't be easy and somedays might be just be a few sentences about how hungry I am , but I am going to do this. I NEED to do this. 

Here are the most up to date pictures of my fall from grace along with my un-godly measurements. 

Before Photos For Challenge

Before Photos For Challenge


Height: 5'2

Weight: 278

Chest: 44 | Waist: 41 | Hips: 54 | Thigh: 34

For more updates and pictures follow me on my new fitness page @TajFitnessJourney