Hiccups Tea House #JTIT

Hey beautiful people! Back again with a new spot that I definitely think is worth trying out if you are ever in the Southbay area ! (I just learned that term so I'm hype haha.) Me and my friend Allene, a beautiful soul I met through YouTube, tried this place out the weekend before last and it's safe to say that I am hooked. Here are the deets :)

Hiccups Tea House

Hours: Monday-Thursday & Sunday 11am-10pm

Friday-Saturday 11am-12am

552 E Carson St , CA 90745 // (310) 684 1926

Full Menu available on www.hiccupsteahouse.com

Tagline: restaurants • tea • coffee

Price tag: $ ( Lunch Special ) or $$

First Impression: Loved the decor ! It has a very rustic chic look to it . Exposed pipes in the ceiling  , wood shelving & what looked to be old farming machinery created the rustic vibes while the rope chandelier style lighting, tall plant vases and huge lighted "HICCUPS" sign added a bit of chic. Very heavily branded, which I liked and they take advantage of the luxury of modern technology by having their menus displayed on flat screen tvs. Super cool spot.

Atmosphere: This is a new category being added and this place is the reason I thought to. Hiccups definitely seems to cater to a younger to middle aged crowd. As I people watched,  which I am often guilty of , I noticed that most of the people who chose to dine-in versus order take out looked to be in their early 20s to early 30s. Their music selection featured a complete hiphop/rap playlist which could be one reason the crowd tends to be younger. I thought it odd that they never switched it up , but as a lover of GOOD hiphop/rap music , I enjoyed listening to throwbacks and some new hits. All in all, this scene might not be for everyone , but it was definitely for me.

Service: No complaints with the service! I had a few questions about the menu since I had never eaten here and the server was nice enough to tell me about the lunch specials ( they were also visibly displayed adjacent to the cash register) and drink choices. I love that they wear shirts with the brand logo on it. I thought that was cool, I'm cheesy like that haha. 


Cuisine Type: Asian

What I Ordered: Garlic Noodles w/Beef (Includes free tea) & "Tropical Thriller" slushie (not pictured)

Taste: SOOO Good! I am so glad I decided to keep with this idea of trying new things because this is definitely not something I would normally order. If I'm being honest, I had my eyes on the popcorn chicken and fries , but my friend reminded me that I couldn't review that and cheered me on to getting  something "new." This may not seem so different to you , but to my taste palette it is very foreign.  I was afraid the noodles would be "dry" like they were described in the menu (my friend laughed when I asked about that) , but they were so good and the meat was tasty too. I am probably late to the " dry noodle fan club" , but I am glad I joined!

Misc: There are two locations , one in Carson & one in Long Beach. 

I am so glad I picked this spot for me and my friend to have lunch , it was such a blessed outing and the food was just delicious. I am dying to go back soon and with it being so close to me ( 5 min car ride. ) I will most certainly be making my way back there. You should too! ( Tell them I sent you.)

Who doesn't love outdoor seating ?! ( Me, actually. I don't haha)

Who doesn't love outdoor seating ?! ( Me, actually. I don't haha)

*I am not being paid/sponsored to review these restuarants/eateries and all reviews are my own honest opinion*

-Nataja Zanelle