Day Two: What More Do You Want?

Time: 10:06pm

Mood: Sore & Sorry 


Okay , so maybe I'm over exaggerating ! Today wasn't really all that hard , but my butt definitely feels like someone used it as a punching bag. From experience I know that it's just muscle fatigue ( a good thing) and I just need to push through it, but tomorrow's exercise will be interesting! 

I am going to attempt to make these blog posts more structured even though it's really just to test my consistency. Okay so boom,

Today In A Nutshell:

Meals: Ate 5 out of 6 | Skipped last snack

Calories + Macros: Hit my goal of 1200 calories! The only two macros I really focus on are Protein and Carbs . Didn't hit my Protein goal today ( aiming for 100+ ) but I stayed under 200g of carbs so that's a plus. 


Water Intake: 105 oz. of 128oz. My goal is to work my way up to 2gallons a day, gradually of course. 

Exercises: Did 1 round of the Advanced HIIT and while I gave it a better go then Day One, I still have some ways to go. It's okay, I like a challenge. There are definitely some exercises I might need to modify for these geriatric knees, but we gon' make it work. Here's a short clip of some Dumbbell Squats. Chile , I can still feel them!

Okay y'all , I'm tired but had to get this blog up! If anyone is actually reading these things, leave me a comment about your fitness progress ! We got this, 19 days left!