Day Three: Better Late Than Never

So today was pretty passé, did my morning workout and ate all my meals ! I did semi-cheat with some movie theater nachos but I checked the nutrition facts and it wasn’t that bad . Still stayed within my calorie goal ! 

Next week I plan to go low-carb and hella hard on the workouts and my water intake. I’m not pushing myself and in the long run that only hurts me . 

Highlight of the Day:  

I convinced my dad to buy me a new Fitbit ! Well didn’t take much convincing , I rarely ask for anything so I’m sure he was happy to oblige . Of course I can afford one on my own, but gifts are so much better 😍  Ahhh I’m so happy ! I’ve been lost without that thing . 

I also think I want to find a class to do on the weekends 🤔 Winning this challenge would be CLUTCH because proving to myself I can do this is really the encouragment I need. Either way , I’m not giving up on me this time around. I can’t afford to