Day Seven: Go Time

Hey y'all!!

So here we are, at Day 7 of the 21 days of this challenge. 

Next week is go-time for me and I am ready to put his in high gear. Here are my predictions. expectations and goals for the next two weeks. 

1. Drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water . Goal is 2 gallons.

2. Complete a minimum 2 rounds of each exercise routine.

3. Jog/Run/Walk a minimum of 2 miles a day.

4. Get in the gym 2x a day

5. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. 

6. During the week , eat 50g or under carbs. Weekend: 100g or under

7. Aim for 100g of protein.

8. No sweets.

9. Think positive and reaffirming thoughts.

10. Reach out and help others who need the motivation to get it done.