Day One: I am tide .

Hey hey! So today is the first day of the challenge and while it is NOT off to its best start , I am glad to say that atleast I started

I wanted to start the challenge off strong, with getting in the gym twice today, but once will have to suffice. Didn't wake up to about 1130am and that threw me way off with all the work I needed to get done. Good thing that last night I did 90% of my meal prep and only had to make the chicken today.

Interested in what I got? Check it out!

It's 7:23pm (PST) as I type this post and I have finished 5 out of 6 meals and had 70oz of water.  Not too bad for the first day I'd say! I'll be honest, I am considering a nap before this workout , but I think that's probably not the smartest idea! 

So I am going to finish typing this up and get my butt in the gym (** update: I worked out ). After all it's right downstairs. I hope all you ladies & gents had a productive first day! The countdown is on now. 


Steps For Today: 3550 

Calories Burned: 102.50 ( not sure how accurate this tracker is, I miss my Fitbit!!)