Day 16: Just Don't Ask.

My middle name is inconsistent. 

Allow me to defend myself, I was away for the weekend and blessed with the presence of my goddaughters so all my time and effort was pretty spent with them.

ALSO , I'd like to note that I still worked out and have been since I've been back. I've been doing a 2 mile walk/jog these past couple of days and I am down 4lbs so, don't judge. 

So while the blogging hasn't been a win, this challenge has and that trumps everything else. 

In good news , guess who got her FitBit ( okurttttt. )

Yep, thats a pic of my steps for today! And it's not even 4pm. I've walked 4.25 miles today and I am hella proud of myself. Out here burning calories and what not. I am ABSOLUTELY going to be doing this challenge again next month. I love it.