Nonna's Empandas #JTIT

Hey all you beautiful people ! I hope that today you've smiled at least once and that those endorphins last you throughout the day. So this post will serve as the introduction to a blog post series that I got the inspiration for a few months back, but just never got around to starting. I have always been a selective eater ( picky sounds too negative) , where pretty much anything italian is a huge resounding YES for me. I can also admit that I am guilty of not trying new foods and living with my assumption of their perceived nastiness; content with never knowing for sure. In the spirit of "new life , new me" I am attempting to be more open to trying new & strange things including bringing some culture to my taste pallette. Hence, #TajJustTryItTuesdays. I got the idea for this series while riding the metro downtown to a  job interview ( I got it !) and thought why not try out those new eateries and  little shops I pass by in my daily travels, that never get a second glance. I don't know about you guys, but I am all but fed up with the usual foods that I consume on a daily basis and it's about time that I add a bit of spice  ( pun intended) to my food life. By no coincidence, soon after exiting the metro to go to that job interview I passed by a little eaterie and laughed to myself at how quickly ideas can manifest in reality . [MESSAGE: Words have power, use them for good; to promote change, however small it may be.] This writeup is on Nonna's Empandas and if you're ever in  LA , do yourself a favor and add it to your must-try list. 

Nonna Empandas

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-8pm

Saturday-Sunday 10am-8pm

8570 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048 // (310) 385-0445

Full Menu available on


Tagline: "The Perfect Finger Food"


Price Range: *$

First Impression: Hometown chic decor, very strong branding ( they even stamp the empanadas), bright and inviting color scheme, eye catching

Cuisine Type: Spanish

What I Ordered: (1) Samosa Empanada (1) Philly Cheesesteak Empanada


Service: All the attendants were very pleasant ! My only complaint would be that the specials were not made known to me while ordering so I didn't get the best bang for my buck. As a newcomer, it would have been nice to know that I could have purchased 3 empanadas and a soda for the price I paid for two. There is a sign out front in the corner of the building ( sort of obscured from view) that I conveniently saw on my way out. Other than that , I was very pleased!

Taste: I am no foodie or chef so I will spare you the in depth reviews but it was  well seasoned and very good! I might be bias because I am already a fan of Spanish style food , but my vote is a yes. 

Vegan Friendly: YES! 

Misc: I LOVE that their branding was so efficient and well thought out . Their name was everywhere, on everything and the colors and decor left a very good lasting impression. 

In closing I would TOTALLY recommend this to anyone willing to surrender their taste buds to the deliciousness  that is this spanish dish. I am in plans to go back and eventually try every flavor  ( 20+) so if anyone is ever in the LA area and wants to try it out , let's do lunch:)

-Nataja Zanelle