Let's Talk About Success, Baby

Hey beautiful people ! Happy Monday :) Because even if it isn't yet , it will be. Let's start the day with some positive vibrations and affirmations, say these aloud:

1. Sometimes things won't go my way, and that's okay.

2 Sometimes I will fall short of my goals , and that's okay.

3.Success has no blueprint, so I just have to keep working at. And that's okay.

So last week's auction didn't go as great as I would have hoped it would and I didn't get near as many views as I had projected and that wasn't okay for me. I beat myself up a bit and wondered  whether I should even keep at it; was I producing anything worth buying? It was at that moment that I realized I had forgotten the reason I started and needed to give myself a nice little reminder. I create purely out of a need to create , especially when inspired. It's not fueled by views or monetary gain, though that's always nice, and I needed to remember that. So I've stopped watching the analytics and decided I will be content with whatever numbers I do and regardless of the outcome Friday will come and the auctions will go on as planned.

Be careful of how quickly your mind will trick you into believing that you aren't enough and that it's not worth pressing through. People do not determine your value, God does. You do. Numbers don't equate to success , even though society will make you feel like they do. Sometimes a bit of thick skin and "go hard or go home" mentality will take you a long way. Don't give up on what you love just because other people don't . So here's to success , in whatever way it comes, let's celebrate it anyway. I want to see you all win! Share some of yours in the comments below!

-Nataja Zanelle