No Days Off ( & Why That's Stupid)

Good morning lovely & Happy Monday! 

(& if it's not yet, let's work on making it true )

I don't know about you but last week was hard . I just barely made it through ( dramatic, but that's how it felt ) and I am so happy to be feeling at least 78% better. Before I rant , let's jump into these positive vibes and affirmations , they are much needed this morning.


  1. Give yourself permission to take a day (week) off. Your body will thank you . 
  2. Give yourself permission to feel vulnerable . Your heart will thank you. 
  3. Give yourself permission to trust God. Your mind will thank you . 


So last Sunday I came home from what I would call a pretty successful back to back party planning extravaganza. My brother loved his surprise 90s HipHop House Party & my goddaughter had a blast swimming her little heart out at her mermaid themed 2nd birthday party . I was so happy and felt proud that finally I was at a place in my life where I could be afforded the opportunity to take multiple flights just for the sake of doing something special for the ones I love and hold dear. In retrospect, I guess I never gave much thought to what all the jetsetting and pavement hitting was doing to my body; tired wouldn't even begin to explain it. Even still , I had a to-do list a mile long for when I got home, so a quick shut-eye on the plane ride home would have to do it. And that's when it hit me . Literally. Sickness that I cannot even begin to explain to you . In my 25 years of living I prided myself on never having to be in anyone's hospital ( at least not for me ) but last week brought me to my wits end & landed me a nice little spot in an LA Emergency room. I know , I know . Turns out it was a viral infection , I'm fine now , but for an entire week I couldn't do what I love to do ; create . I had so much planned to get done for the week and my body refused to cooperate. It was exactly what I didn't want, but everything my body needed. It sucked . You know what also sucks , adulting because sick and all guess who still had to be up at 6am to get to work , this lady right here . On top of that my mother had her operation this week to remove the cancer from her kidney ( yes , it came back , I know) she's fine too, but you can only imagine how freaked out I was about that. I talk a good trust game but I was terrified. Being able to hear my moms voice , laughing and in high spirits was the best medicine I could ask for ( that and some steroid shots that really helped me start feeling like me again, thank God.) 

To say that last week sucked would be a gross under-representation of the last seven days,  but for the sake of moving on and looking forward I'll just say I'd never want to revisit it . Ever.

So what's the takeaway from today :

No days off sounds like a good idea in theory , but the human body has its limits; you'd be wise to listen to them.

While I have never subscribed to the notion that "I'll sleep when I die", I can admit that I haven't been putting the needs of my body and health first. If your mind is always racing and your feet always hitting pavement, when are you actually getting rest? As a creative , I understand the importance of taking time to refocus and regroup , but that doesn't mean I put that into action nearly as much as I should. Even though I am not fully back to my old self, I still can't hear much out of my right ear and my throat has a bit more rasp then I'm use to, I am thankful for a partial good bill of health and I am hoping that next time a bout like this can be prevented. 

Get some rest, drink some water & breathe. You only get one body. Take care of it. And just in case you need the reminder ( without the sickness)