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Happy Sunday lovelies, I pray it's going beautifully for you. I am sending you all the love, light and prosperity that your spirit can stand. For today's Soul Sunday I want to encourage and uplift the dreamers, creatives , go-getters & move makers. If you've ever had a dream or vision for your life , this post is for you. And i want you to listen to me when I say this: 

Sometimes while chasing your dream or vision you will have to reinvent yourself MULTIPLE times . 

And that's OKAY!

Leave room for growth and change; it's okay to change your mind . Don't let anyone make you feel like you aren't successful because you've had to change up your business plan or make a couple of detours along the way . Life is unpredictable and sometimes a dream that you thought was your final destination was really just a stepping stone to what you are really purposed to do . Some people call it wish-washy or try and force you to "make up your mind", but honestly this life is yours to live ; live it doing something you truly love and believe in . I know for myself no matter what or where I go my passion has never changed , but my plan has , ALOT. For the longest time I thought that nursing was what I was supposed to be doing . Hours of sleeping through lecture & hundreds of dollars later I realized that I couldn't work in a field that my heart was not in; there isn't enough money in the world. Poetry , design & content creating is what I see myself doing for the rest of my life and if I had let the fear of change and people's opinions affect me I would not be in California & doing what I love to do. So whether you are feeling the pressure from outside sources ( family /friends/bills) or your own self sabotaging , don't allow ANYONE to convince you that you belong in a box . YOU CAN BE MORE THAN ONE THING. You will hear all the time that you have to choose a niche , and target down on that one specific thing & while for marketing that makes sense, it just doesn't give you much room to evolve and change . Don't be afraid of change. Don't be afraid to change your mind. You are allowed more than one dream. From someone who has had multiple business plans and ideas , I know what it's like to revamp and reinvent . My site and blog have taken on various rebrandings and I am still not satisfied. There is always room for improvement. That's not to say that I am not happy with what I have created, I just know that it can and will be better. My only piece of advice is that whatever project you are working , make sure that you are passionate about it and can see it all the way through; if you are give it 1000% . That way if it's not what you thought it would be you can rest knowing you gave it everything you had. Don't look at it as a failure , treat it as a lesson in business , in life ; keep moving , on to the next . The point I am trying to make in this post is that

You aren't one dimensional, so don't expect your vision and your dreams to be .

Leave enough room in your heart and on your plate for the possibility of more . And if and when it comes , run with it . 


Godspeed to you .