3 tips to Finding an Accountability Partner

Hey beautiful people ! Let's start this first Soul Sunday out with some positive vibrations and affirmations . Say this aloud : 

1. I am here  , living in the now and that's okay . 

2. I am breathing , taking it one day at a time and that's okay. 

3. In this moment I surrender anything that no longer serves me  , I will be okay . 

Now that we feel a bit more centered (that is my hope) let's jump into the topic for today 


Sounds a bit intimidating , but it's not , I promise. 

An accountability partner is simply someone who is tasked with helping to encourage, motivate and push you toward accomplishing your goals/dreams. They walk with you as you walk in your purpose allowing you room for mistakes , knowing when to step in and guide you back on track; think of them as a second voice of reason.Choosing the right accountability partner is very important and is something that should not be taken lightly. This individual needs to be someone you trust, who you can be completely vulnerable and open with, at least enough to share your goals and dreams. It can be someone you already know and trust or you can step out on faith and search for a new partner , and soon to be, good friend. About a month ago I reached out to several Facebook groups that I am apart searching for an accountability partner. I didn't expect to hear back, but the response was overwhelming! Out of all the women who contacted me I felt a pull toward two and they are who I chose. It's been now a few weeks now having an accountability partner and let me tell you, I've been so much more productive! It is truly an awesome feeling to have someone who can keep you on track and encourage you to keep going! Each week we tell each other our goals for the week and try to check in to make sure we are on task! Having that extra reminder is so helpful. Now how you set up your meetings is completely up to you , but for one of my partners we decided a face to face outing once a week works well for us ( we lucked up and live close to each other.) Going into the partnership I figured coming up with a few questions to ask would help me tailor the kind of support I needed to provide for her (and vice versa) and just because I love you guys I will include it here in my post for anyone who would like to use it. For the free 99. You're welcome:)

I pray that going into 2017 you decide to choose yourself and make the conscious effort to see your dreams through into fruition. I truly believe ushering in someone who can help you stay encouraged and productive will make all the difference. So try it out! And come back and tell me what you think :)

*I know the post says three tips , but I gave you some extra:) Check the pdf below!*


-Nataja Zanelle