Take Flight

Good morning & happy Monday my lovelies. This morning I am sending you love and light and praying you receive it. Let's get into these positive vibes & affirmations, say these aloud :

1. What's for me is for me and it will not pass me.

2.I deserve to live my life in purpose and fulfilment, I won't let life pass me.

3.When given the opportunity, I will take the leap; I won't let fear stop me.


A year ago today I made the biggest leap of my life, moving 2300 miles away from everyone and everything I loved to chase a dream I wasn't even sure I'd catch up to, and I am still here. I feel such a sense of calm and peace when I think about the decision I made and where it has brought me; there's a whole new world just steps outside of your comfort zone if you're bold enough to move. This move has not been easy and at times I questioned whether I had made the right decision, but I needed only to listen to my heart to know that I had. I have always aspired to live life beyond what I think possible because I know the sky is not the limit , it's just the beginning. Today I want to encourage the dreamer, the creative, the soul who wanders constantly searching for "home," take the jump , go beyond what you can imagine and watch the universe stretch to make it possible. You deserve the life you dream about , go get it . And I will be right here rooting for you every step of the way.

Need help on stepping out of your comfort zone? In this week's podcast Kera & I dish on tips and advice on moving to a new city , so if you are feeling lost or stuck, check out this episode

Don't be afraid to be great; your light is needed in this world.

-Nataja Zanelle