My Head Hurts & My Heart Is Tired


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This album is everything. Seriously.

This album is everything. Seriously.


Hey lovely , how is your Sunday treating you ?

This installment of Just Talk To Flo has been a long time coming, so without further ado , welcome to 

Soul Sundays 

A place where your soul can take rest and your heart can purge itself of all hurts, worries & woes . Let's talk it out so we don't take our frustrations into the new week. Is that alright with you?

For this session of Soul Sunday's I figured I'd dish a bit more on how this Venus In Retrograde is giving me a headache; seriously like, bye Felicia. I have , emotionally, been going through it . One minute I am fine and then next a memory attacks me and I am on the brink of tears and it just sucks. As someone who prides themselves on being able to control their emotions , feeling like I have no power over how I feel is a hurt place to be. I am missing people I thought I had left in the past and wanting more from situations I know should be dead and through. I haven't really reached out to any of my friends to talk out where my heart and head has been because a big part of me still believes that its better to suffer in silence. Being the "strong one" doesn't leave much room to be vulnerable. I am not even sure how to process the emotions I am feeling and sometimes outside criticism (constructive or not) only makes it worse. So here I am , talking to you guys . I just wanna be myself again , you know? I am so tired of being the only one hurt and sad and not able to move pass any situation in which the other person let go before I was ready to. This retrograde has thrown me for a loop and while I know I wasn't really over the losses I have taken , I at least thought I was getting there; I hate being wrong. I love and connect a lot differently than my friends and sometimes I feel like people don't understand me. Hell, I don't understand me. I don't know , I am just ready for this thing to be over so I can go back to pretending that everything is okay and that at any moment I am not seconds away from a mental break. Being the "strong one" doesn't leave much room for being vulnerable. I can't afford to be anyway.

-Nataja Zanelle