Mind vs. Matter

Hey beautiful people! Happy Monday :) Let's speak life into our day with some positive vibes and positive affirmations. Say these aloud with me:

1. My comfort zone is not my happy place. So I will move.

2.Fear is not my friend. So I will not listen to it.

3.I no longer have room to stress. So it can not live here. 

If you are anything like me (a dreamer, an artist, a creative) then you know what it's like to live in your head. You also know how unhealthy that can be at times. So many thoughts cross the human mind and I'll be the first to admit that it can be pretty distracting. Doubt, worry and insecurities plague us as we strive to be who we were called to be, making it seem even more impossible to become. But I am confident that we will find our way. Never allow where you are right now to discourage you because I've learned the now is only a pit-stop for where you are to go. Allow yourself room to grow and time to get "there." Life makes no damn sense at times, I know. Keep going anyway . Someone , somewhere is depending on your light , hell it just may be the future you. 

-Nataja Zanelle