Learning To Heal

Hey there my lovelies! Happy Monday! You already know the drill, so let's jump into these positive vibes and affirmations. Say these aloud with me:

1. I am bruised, but I am not broken. I am learning to heal.

2. My past does not define me, I must begin to heal.

3. I will allow myself the time to grieve, then I give myself permission to heal.

Today I felt drawn toward the souls who are in mourning right now. Whether your lost is in the natural or spiritual my heart extends to you the invitation to start the healing process. As humans we are allowed our grievances , allowed to be hurt and feel animosity. In the moment. But there comes a time when we must leave our pain in the past so that we can rebuild and restructure our lives for the future. It's hard to rebound after a hit to what feels like your very core, but it's necessary. Allowing pain to fester will do your heart no good. It is my hope and prayer that regardless of the situation you choose yourself and your sanity first. There is nothing worth the lost of your peace of mind. Give yourself the room and time to unpack your emotions and feel the range of them , but don't forget to pack them back up and send them on their way. Heal , from the inside out. Yes , you are allowed that.

-Nataja Zanelle