Venus In Retrograde: Keep Yo Heart 3 Stacks

Good morning y'all ! It's been a while , I know, and I won't bother making any excuses I just hope my return is welcomed . Let's jump into these Monday morning affirmations shall we ? 


  1. The past is the past . It is best left there . 

  2. An old flame will never burn the same the second time around. It's best left unlit.

  3. Love is many thangs . A fool it is not . Get yo life . (Okay that one was for me , but if you can relate kudos to you haha)


So if you couldn't tell , this Monday morning post is a bit different than what you're use to me posting . Today I want to get back to my roots and write about my favorite topic , LOVE. If you are a fan of astrology ( no, it's not the devils work) or just believe in the idea that zodiac signs ( no not the ones circulating on Facebook ) have some kind of validity , than this post is for you . Listen to me closely when I say this : VENUS IS IN RETROGRADE. For those who get it, great! , for those who don't , pull up a seat and let me spit some new flavor in your ear.

Let me preface this by saying I am a novice astrology learner and I DO NOT claim to know all there is to know about these planets and retrogrades , but I'll give you what I do and you can go from there, okay? 

So boom, Venus,

she's all about love & relationships ; this is the pleasure house so to speak. And retrograde refers to the appearance of the planets moving backwards ( they aren't really, but the effects still are considered valid ) from the earth's view . Retrograde also deals with the past. So what does this all mean put together ? Simply put , your love life is about to get mixed up a bit ( a lot.) The idea that the planet is rotating backwards means that the emotions and dealings of this love planet will be inverted and that's when the old flames & flings and new devils ( Aquariuses) start to creep (back) in your life. Now no two persons will have the same experience during Venus Retrograde ( March 4- April 15) and some of our love lives ( mine) could undoubtedly use some shaking up , so it's not all bad , but just a word of advice : BE CAREFUL. Some times old flames are best left extinguished and that new guy you're "talking" to ain't worth the heartbreak he'll bring in the coming future ; play it smart , take it slow. Things will not be as they seem for the next few weeks as it pertains to love & your relationships so be sure to apply the brakes where you see fit ; let's not make too big of a mess to clean up after.  

Story Time !

Here's how Venus in Retrograde has affected ME so far: 


So check it , I haven't been thinking about ole boy ( he who shall hence and forth never be named) in a while ; I had seemingly laid to rest my issues with him & his dishonesty (amongst other things.) Rewind to a few nights ago where I was minding my biznaeee , sleeping ever so peacefully , and who do you think decided to join me in my dreaming travels ? Yup , that fool. All up in my ear talking about how he was sorry ( clearly dreaming because Aquariuses don't apologize, unless they're sorry, he is not ) and that he wanted a redo. Chile if I didn't wake up disoriented and perturbed . How dare he disturb my slumber and send me back down the rabbit hole of foolery & delusion? I had honestly put him so far from my mind and to have this relapse , it felt weird and out of place. And then God shone a light on me & assured me I wasn't tripping , Venus (was) is! I thought I was going to lose my mack card for a second there. Now , I realize it was just a dream , but dreams ALWAYS (usually) mean something deeper for me and to think that I was moving backwards , again, scared me a bit. I'm all for a new fling , but this is an old flame that needs to remain unlit ,


How has Venus In Retrograde affected your love life & relationships so far ? Have you noticed the shift yet? 


**There is ALOT more to this whole Venus in Retrograde thing , so much more information that I am leaving out but trust me , it's something you'll want to read up on at your leisure . I just got your feet wet , so go ahead , go dive in 


-Nataja Zanelle