How Can I Serve You?

Happy Monday Beautiful, 

Am I the only one who seems to fall victim, like clockwork, to the said "Monday Morning Blues?"Are Mondays really that bad or is it something we are pre-wired to believe ? I for one want to stop giving in to the idea that happiness only exists on the weekends. How much more productive and effective could we be if we decided to enjoy Mondays just as much as we do Fridays? Well that's what I hope to inspire you to do. Now for some motivation . . .

Question of the Day: 

"How can I serve you?"

Take a minute out of your day today and ask someone ( a co-worker, sibling , spouse ) what you can do to serve them. It is such a beautiful question and a way to practice humility. I guarantee you it will surprise you the happiness you will get in exchange for helping someone else. It could be as simple as helping with the laundry or giving an encouraging word, but it will make all the difference, I promise. Starting your Monday by being a blessing to someone else will give you the motivation to keep grinding and inspiring throughout the week. You never know the difference you could make in someone's life by extending a hand of service.  After all , you reap what you sow; let's make it a bountiful harvest!

In the comments below , I would love to hear some of the responses/reactions you received and how being a help , helped your Monday not feel so " Monday-ish" haha. 

-Nataja Zanelle 

*Sending a world of thanks to my cousin Jawanda for inspiring this blog post, she encouraged my soul this weekend and I wanted to pay it forward!*