Who Inspires You | Who Run The World?

Happy Monday beautiful! Here we are at the start of a new week and I am so proud of you for pulling through. Yesterday's post for Soul Sundays was a bit sad so today I want to do some inspiring and building up ! First let's get into these positive vibes & affirmations , shall we? 

** Don't forget, we say these aloud ( and proud.) There's just something powerful about speaking things into existence!

1. I am allowed to feel vulnerable . That does not make me weak.

2. I am flawed and I make mistakes. And in that, still, I am beautiful.

3. I am different , not like the rest. And that makes me , me. 


Normally on Mondays I'd spend time motivating and encouraging you, giving you something to hold on to for the rest of the week, but today I want to pass that task along to some of my favorite influencers/creatives. Below you will find a list of women I personally follow who operate on various different platforms , but who all give me life equally. These beauties are some awesome sources of inspiration and mid-day pick me ups for me so I can only hope they are for you as well. I think there is room for all of us to win & these women definitely deserve the spotlight. So when you have the chance go ahead and enjoy these ladies & tell them I sent you <3


Kaye McCoy (@cookaye) | 7th Street Studio

Atlanta -based Photographer & Boss Babe

-design aesthetics galore, this woman has an eye for fashion and all things stylish. inspiration oozes from her page daily & I can spend all day just scrolling through the shots she captures. I had the pleasure of meeting this woman at a YouTube event last year and it was everything! Trust me, you want to get to know her work now,  you'll be seeing it everywhere soon enough.

Brittany (@thebreakupqueen) | The BreakUp Queen

Curator & Storyteller

-poetry and prose realness with a side of black girl magic is what this woman's IG is giving me. A way with words and a heart for "love stories told your way" is what places this creative near and dear to my heart. Not only does she write beautifully and captivate all of her readers (myself included ) she reaches out and gives a platform for other writers, poets & lovers to share their stories. If you are a hopeless romantic, a writer, a poet or just a human with an affinity for beautiful stories , this site is for you. 


Holly (@holly_sworld)| Stillettos With My Latte

Lifestyle Blogger

-family, friendship & a love of books is what connects me to this blogger and why I keep coming back to read some more. With a reading list that would put mine to shame , I enjoy convincing myself that one day I'll actually tackle the books she raves about. Holly gives you a glimpse into her world and the beautiful family and friends that she shares it with and I can only describe the feeling I get reading her posts as homey & inviting.  She gives me hopeless romantic vibes and I always leave her site with a smile . Her love of family and life is contagious and I could seriously use that most days.


Laina Rauma (@lainarauma)| Laina Rauma

Fashion Designer & Connoisseur of Classy Thirst Trap Pics

-when people ask me who my favorite designer is my response has always been the same, this gorgeous lady right here. she is a self-taught bad ass designer of pieces made for the sickest of bodies and I just can't get enough. Her body is goals and the fact that she designs (sews, had to emphasize that) & shoots for her site by herself ( &friends) is super dope. If you like seeing pretty people in pretty things you will certainly enjoy her IG. I am currently *not really* running on the treadmill in hopes that one day my body will look half as good in her designs , as she does. I'm not holding my breath though haha. 


Sabrina Rose (@sabrinarose)| Sabrina Rose

YouTube Content Creator & Beauty Guru

- this beautiful brown queen gives you beat face realness 2-3x a week! One of the most consistent and interactive YouTubers that I follow , she actually provides easy to follow tutorials for the fabulous makeup looks she creates! Her work ethic is what inspires me most because she is always finding new ways to be creative and showcase her skill of makeup application. I've considered moving to the beauty community once or twice ( because, views) , but i'll leave it to the ladies who do it best, and she's definitely on that list. 

Keep in mind this list is not all-inclusive ( or in any particular order) & I am definitely leaving out a few people who I love as well, but these are who really stand out for me. Who's your favorite creator ? Who inspires you the most ? Let me know in the comments below!

-Nataja Zanelle