All We Have Is Right Now.

Hey there my lovelies! Happy Monday to you :)

 You know what time it is , right? You do *insert awkward wink* Let's go ahead and get into these positive vibes & vibrations! Say these aloud with me:

1. It's okay to live in the moment, tomorrow is not promised.

2. My eyes are fixed on what today will bring, tomorrow is not promised.

3. Each new moment is a blessing, because all we have is right now.

Am I the only one who firmly believes that a diet cannot commence in the middle of the week? Which therefore means I am totally allowed to stuff my face until Monday, you know, to get all the cravings out of my system. Because logic. Haha, just me ? 

Seriously guys I am learning that today is always the best day for change. Don't wait until Monday to start eating healthy or for Saturday to "let your hair down." Life is in the moments that will most certainly pass you by if you wait for the "right one." On this cold ( seriously?!)  , but sunny Monday in Cali I want to remind you that life waits for no one. The time for love, the time for justice, the time for freedom , the time to live ,

Don't keep waiting for the right moment, you'll never accomplish anything. Do what you love and spend your days with who you love, because, all we have is right now.

-Nataja Zanelle