As a Pennsylvania native, I've always had dreams of the big city life; always in search of "home", but never quite coming close. When brainstorming on where this nomad should go to find her tribe I knew that New York would be far too cold for me , so as much as I love it's fashion, that was a no. I always felt this strange connection to the west-coast ( the music is a huge reason) , so it's no surprise that it's exactly where I ended up. Now 25, single and with nothing but my creative ventures to keep me warm at night, I find solace in knowing that I've made it this far; I must be doing something right. These days I find it hard for me to accurately title who I am and what I do; it varies from day to day and with whom you might be speaking to. I remedy that by just going by "creative soul" because ultimately that is what I am best at, creating. Whether it be words that heal , designs that capture my inspiration of the moment or pouring my soul into a vlog for the world to see, my life has always been out in the open and honestly I prefer it that way. Transparency has always allowed me to live the life I choose and unapologetically so and I challenge you all to try it out. Here you will get a front seat look inside the brain of a millennial creative who's mind is always on and whose feet never seem to stay rooted to the ground. I'm just a 90's baby with a dollar & a dream. Welcome to the never-ending imagination of Nataja Zanelle.